Scientific Compute Platform Rate Sheet

Complimentary General Access, Subscription Tier, and Condo Services

With support provided by the Dean of Medical School and to encourage the use of this shared resource, RIS is pleased to announce the Scientific Compute Platform will be complimentary through Fiscal Year (FY) 2025.

Accounting adjustments for Payments in FY24

Accounting adjustments for compute services from July 2023 to the end of the Fiscal Year 2024 will be made. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure fairness and transparency in our billing.

Condo Investments and Waived Annual Fees

Annual fees for condo investments will be waived through Fiscal Year 2025, providing you with additional value and the opportunity to make condo investments during our quote and purchase periods in April and September.

Subscription Tiers/Condos and Fiscal Commitment

New subscription Tier and Condo service requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. Subscribers are kindly requested to commit to paying for services in Fiscal Year 2026 for equivalent or expanded services.

Compute Infrastructure Expansion

Our computing platform is sufficiently equipped to meet your needs, and we are excited to announce the expansion of our capabilities in April, with an addition of 1,000 CPU cores and 40 A100 GPUs to our existing cluster, allowing you to take full advantage of our resources. We are also thrilled to share that in late FY25, we will be releasing the $5 Million SCOPE capital project to add even more CPU and GPU resources in a new cluster. With these upgrades, we are confident that our computing platform will continue to exceed your expectations.