The RIS mission is to facilitate discovery of knowledge and enhance educational opportunities by providing secure, sustainable, scalable and integrated research technology services in a collaborative and diverse environment.


 Provide a continuum of support from self-service to consulting engagements.

 Reduce risk exposure by properly securing data and systems.

 Allow researchers to focus on research and not IT Infrastructure.

 Operate a more cost efficient IT Infrastructure realizing the economies of scale.

 Integrate disparate systems for more efficient utilization.

 Align delivery of solutions within research time constraints.

 Cultivate an environment of transparency and inclusion.

 Leverage WashU’s governance and compliance institutions for directions and insight into priorities.


 Develop enterpriselevel research services to support varying degree of needs and scope.

 Allow faculty to focus on research and not infrastructure.

 Centered around data and high performance computing resources.

 Reduce risk exposure and inefficiencies of distributed systems.

 Provide valueadded integrations to reduce complexity and decrease time to discovery.

 Increase institutional funding competitiveness.