The Data Storage Platform is a scalable, high-performance and distributed storage infrastructure with integrated long-term archiving capabilities. There are many enterprise level features to facilitate data analysis, management, curation and retention.  All faculty involved in research have access to 5TB of free Active storage

Data Storage Platform Rate Sheet.

Getting Started

The following information are required to activate access to the Data Storage Platform.  Collect the following information and select a storage option.

  • Faculty status and Faculty WUSTL Key ID
  • WUSTL Key IDs for the members of your lab or research group you would like to add for access
  • Department Number
  • Cost Center ID
  • Network Location – The network IP address, which you can get by using this site:
  • Technical Contact – The WUSTL Key ID of a member of your lab RIS can contact regarding technical aspects of the service
  • Billing Contact – The WUSTL Key ID of a member of your lab RIS can contact regarding billing
Intended Users

Research data storage services are available to all WashU faculty.  Faculty can request access to their storage for staff, or students involved in their research.

Requirements and Considerations
  • Must be Faculty member involved in research
  • Must have a billable department at WashU
  • Must be on a WashU network
General Features
  • Access control list security group management
  • Accessible via SMB protocol
  • Approved for ePHI, protected or confidential data
  • Automated policies for data management
  • Common URI: {protocol}:{storage cluster}/{allocation name} / {tier}
  • Custom allocations for centers or special projects
  • Custom storage solution design with integration
  • High band width / low latency networks with WURN integration
  • High performance clustered file system
  • Monthly billing and usage metrics
  • Performance mapped to storage tiers
  • Scalable architecture
  • WUSTL Key enabled

Storage Options 

Storage Condo 

Active Tier

Archive Tier