High Performance Communication May 7, 2024

Unveiling Innovation

Your future in data storage

Introducing Qumulo, the new storage replacement for the RIS Data Storage Platform.

Why it matters: This new platform will provide twice the performance, reduce operational complexities, and include offsite backups and disaster recovery capabilities. General availability will occur in June, and the transition will vary depending on the research group.

Applications, applications, come and get them!

RIS is making it easier to leverage HPC resources to run scientific computing applications that process your data faster, more securely, and efficiently without knowing how to use Docker or a Job Scheduler.

Our list of installed applications includes over 200 commonly used compilers, libraries, programming languages, and scientific applications used in research that are accessible via web browser or command lineinterface. Additional applications can be requested here.

For users who want a Linux Desktop experience for running small applications, developing software, or accessing the 200 installed applications, RIS now provides access via a local VNC viewer without having to specify job scheduler parameters just by clicking a MAC Desktop icon. Reach out to the RIS Service Desk if you need assistance setting up this environment.

Transitioning to secure Globus tasks

Earlier this year, RIS Storage1 was considered a HIPAA-compliant High Assurance Collection.

Why it matters: This change means the new RIS Storage1 collection, released last September, is required for all new Globus tasks. Current guest collections using the legacy Wash U RIS Storage1 dtn1 and dtn2 collections will still work. However, they will not be considered High Assurance.

Stay informed and inspired

Expanding the power for research

We are excited to announce the expansion of our computing capabilities to take on an increase in demand for research resources at WashU. This April, we added 40 A100 GPUs and 1,000 CPU cores to our existing cluster.

Why it matters:  Researchers at WashU will have access to more GPUs and CPUs on the Scientific Compute Platform to accommodate more complex workloads and improve the pace and accuracy of research. The A100 GPU provides better performance, accelerated AI capabilities, enhanced scalability, improved energy efficiency, and stunning visuals, offering faster rendering, efficient AI development, cost savings, and immersive experiences. View hardware specifications.

Scheduled Maintenance: major storage & compute platform upgrades

From June 17 through June 24, RIS will perform maintenance to our Data Storage and Scientific Compute Platforms.

During the maintenance, RIS Storage and Scientific Compute Platforms WILL NOT be available. Access to our platforms is subject to change during the maintenance window.

Our storage software IBM GPFS, will be upgraded to 5 .1 .9 .3. These updates will fix issues, making our storage system faster, safer, and more reliable.

The operating systems for all storage and compute will be upgraded to RHEL 8.8. This upgrade will improve security, include upgrades for tools that support applications, and make our systems compatible with the new storage2 solutions.

Why it matters: These upgrades will positively impact the user experience on the RIS Storage platform and contribute to a more seamless and efficient operation.

Elevate your expertise

Join virtual workshops offered by Becker Library in collaboration with WUIT’s Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) designed to deepen your knowledge, refine your skills, and provide hands-on experience in a dynamic learning environment.