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What does it mean to have a “Compute Condo”?

Faculty members or groups of faculty members can purchase Compute Condos — dedicated hardware for their labs to form what we refer to as a “condominium”. In this model, a “condo” is formed out of a set of hardware that we put into a Host Group. We then create a pair of Queues named after the Lab (ex: labname and labname-interactive). We then create an AD group named compute-labname and populate it with Users. That group then gets priority access to the hardware in their lab’s Condo.

Buy-In/Condominium Model:

  • Purchase servers for expansion and pay server operations fee per month.
  • Dedicated queue with access controls limited by group membership.
  • Priority access to general and other condo resources for bursting capacity.
  • Minimum purchase requirements equal to one compute chassis with 4 servers.