Washington University is home to a strong, diverse research community that participates in research across the country and the world. Our community extends to a variety of partners, and whether it’s a long-term project or a short-term experiment, WashU is always open to new opportunities and breakthroughs in new knowledge through new partnerships.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has sponsored the capital projects implemented by the RIS group and serves as the chair of the governance oversight committee.

The Office of Information Security works closely with the RIS group to assess, guide and review our services to ensure compliance with university policies and privacy standards such as HIPAA.

The Institute for Informatics was a key sponsor in the formation of the RIS group and the coordination and development of centralized research infrastructure, applications and services that will enable researchers to collaborate across disciplines and bring data together. Their expertise in translational bioinformatics, learning healthcare systems and population health informatics is helping bridge the gap between clinical and basic research at the university.

The McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI) is one of the original and major consumers of RIS services. The successful partnership between MGI and RIS is a critical component of the Med Schools precision medicine initiative which leverages MGI’s cutting edge research in genomics from sequencing the first human genome to developing clinical assays that help guide cancer treatment. The RIS teams supports these efforts via our storage and compute services but also a customized LIMS system that provides operational support from project and sample tracking, instrumentation integration and workflow automation.

The overarching goal of the Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) is to provide reliable and affordable access to state-of-the-art cellular imaging technologies, provide professional guidance in experimental design, sample preparation and data analysis, develop and apply new imaging technologies and work collaboratively with WashU researchers to advance our understanding of human health and disease.

The Becker Medical Library can assist researchers with training and educational opportunities on how to use RIS services like research computing and data management, curation and sharing services.

The Olin Library can assist researchers with the construction of data management plans and provided data curation services that make use of the RIS storage service.