Washington University Information Technology’s Research Infrastructure Services’ mission is to facilitate discovery of knowledge and enhance educational opportunities by providing secure, sustainable, scalable, and integrated research technology services in a collaborative and diverse environment.

What We Do

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Scientific Compute Platform
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Data Center and Networking

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Data Storage Platform

The data storage platform is a scalable, high-performance and distributed storage infrastructure with an integrated long-term archive. Enhancing the rate of discovery, there are many enterprise level features to facilitate data analysis, management, curation, and retention. All faculty involved in research have access to 5TB of free Active storage.

Scientific Compute Platform

The scientific compute platform provides WashU research faculty access to computing resources and a “batch job scheduler” that runs large-scale, parallel computing tasks with access to many CPU and GPU cores, large amounts of RAM, high-speed networks, and high-performance storage systems.

Research Application Services

The research applications service represents the collection of research-focused applications that RIS operates or supports on behalf of external customers. Each application might be considered a service unto itself, but we attempt to provide a common framework of abstraction such that some measure of consistency is associated with all applications.

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

If you plan to respond to a federal government RFP or RFI and anticipate CUI may be involved, then you must have adequate cybersecurity measures in place to accept the contract. CUI may include research data and other project information that a research team receives, possesses, or creates during the performance of a contract funded by the federal government. RIS can assist you with an initial assessment, and provide cost estimates for the technology needs that will be required for compliance.

Data Center and Networking

Located on the WUSM campus, the Research Data Center is a secure, energy-efficient facility, and is home to RIS high-performance compute, disk storage arrays, and high speed networks that support RIS services.  Additionally, a data center hosting service and the campus-wide high speed research network (WURN) service is  available through our WUIT partners.